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Personal training is not just about changing your body, but changing your mindset so you can accomplish greater things in your life. Ryan has embraced a training style that is unorthodox, and prides himself in being far from the conventional type of trainer. His unique style, skill and approach to training are a few things that set him apart from many other trainers in the field. 

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I first met Ryan in my senior year of college.I couldn't even do a proper pool-up, let alone go through an entire workout without feeling like I wanted to pass out, but he stuck with me and I stuck with his routine. Now looking back, it was almost fate that we met because now I own the 400m record for both my high school and college. I am a sectional champion and was the 15th fastest man in New Jersey in 2012 for the 400m and a 3-time All-American & national champion. My personal best in the 400m went from 3 seconds to 46.5 seconds.Ryan has absolutely changed my life physically and mentally. He is definitely the greatest coach I've ever had and I look to him for guidance no matter where I am.

Marquis Thomas NCAA Athlete

I am a track athlete at Central Arizona College and I've been training with Ryan for 4 months. My track season was cut short due to a hamstring injury. It was at that point I thought that I'd never get back into competition until Ryan brought me back with his rehab & weight conditioning program. Now I'm in better shape than I was before my injury. Not only do I see Ryan as a great trainer, I see him as a mentor because of the conversations we have and the wisdom he shares. Because of his intense training, I'm anticipating my next season, and pushing my limits on the track. If you want to achieve that physique you've always dreamed of, or that goal of being a great athlete, Ryan's training program is it!

Kwan Zaa Wilson NCAA Athlete

I'm 64 and have met a lot of people in my life. I can state without reservation that Ryan is one of the finest young men that I've ever met by far. Ryan is a gentlemen, a reflection of his upbringing. He convinced me that he could develop a training program for me in spite of my muscle degeneration that I was experiencing, which I felt was a reaction to pain medication. Without Ryan's assistance and creative fitness program, I don't know how I'd make it through the winter. In February 2014 I was diagnosed with a growth in my pituitary gland and had to have surgery. My hormone levels were grossly abnormal. Ryan and I fought the good fight and my doctors were amazed that I was able to maintain a very taxing litigation practice. I credit Ryan for keeping me afloat. He is creative, dedicated, extremely knowledgeable of fitness equipment and regiments. Ryan is the man to seek out if you're looking to change your life.

Mark Edwards Working Professional


Ryan Wilkins

personal trainer

Ryan Wilkins is not just your personal trainer, he is a purpose-driven transformer. With over 5 years in the health and fitness industry, Ryan has consistently pushed boundaries with his unique approach to training-a fusion of creativity, swagger and erudition. His passion for people goes beyond sculpting bodies; it’s about building confidence and enhancing mental fortitude. Ryan pours his expertise and dedication into his clients every session because he believes true progress comes when you challenge your body with diverse routines. 


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